Explore bitcoin and other digital assets with 21Treasury

Explore bitcoin and other digital assets with 21Treasury

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What we offer


Knowledge of the market environment

What are the current trends? Why is the market environment increasing the demand for cryptocurrencies?


Explanation of bitcoin and other digital assets

Is bitcoin "digital gold"? Why was bitcoin invented? How does bitcoin work? What about other cryptocurrencies?


Exploration of motivations to invest

Why do companies see bitcoin as a hedge against inflation? What are companies such as Microstrategy, Tesla or MassMutual doing?


Overview of investment options

Which investment modes are available, e.g. ETP, OTC, or funds? How does the regulatory landscape look like?


Considerations for bitcoin holders

What must be considered apart from taxation and accounting? What are the ways bitcoin investments are typically managed?

Investors face serious issues


Currency debasement

Under inflation, cash holdings can become risky and costly, whereas asset pricing can rise

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Negative interest rates

Banks offer below-zero interest rates and no end is in sight

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Balance sheet of the US central bank

Explore digital assets


Current market problems

The world economy is facing low or negative interest rates and ongoing currency devaluation. Consequently, conventional treasuries will yield lower returns and become subject to real devaluation.


Bitcoin investments

Why do large corporates invest in bitcoin? What did MicroStrategy do? And what does this mean for the future of investing? Understand bitcoin with 21Treasury


21Treasury can help

21Treasury can help companies understand bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as their implications. Would you like to learn more, receive our pitch deck or have a chat with us, then please send us an email.

Why bitcoin is increasingly on the radar of corporate treasuries and business owners


Store of value and scarce asset

Bitcoin emerged from the last economic crisis as a response to the threat of excessive fiat currency devaluation. To counter devaluation, the maximum amount of bitcoin is capped. Due to its scarcity, bitcoin is seen as store of value.


Increasing adoption

Increasing regulation and interest from institutional investors have brought increasing stability. Bitcoin's volatility is trending downwards.


Massive upside potential

Bitcoin is regarded as offering an "asymmetric upside" opportunity. Despite the rising bitcoin price due to wide adoption by retail and corporate investors, the potential upside is still seen as substantial relative to the initial upfront investment.

Due to its upside potential and store of value properties, bitcoin is seen as both, an attractive investment opportunity and a hedge against inflation.

Meet the team

Felix Hosse

Head of Product

Head of Product

Felix Hosse

Felix has gathered extensive experience working in consulting and numerous startups. Having worked in sales and business development in Germany and India and having studied in the Netherlands, Hungary, and the US, he has proven his ability to adapt and perform in different business environments. Felix has years of experience in leading teams and in working as a coach.
He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management. Felix excels in entrepreneurial selling and helps to bring disruptive solutions to the ones who need them.

Max Zheng

Business Development Associate

Business Development Associate

Max Zheng

He has led multiple company building projects and proved to work efficiently, and yielded high results. With high precision and quick adaption, Max has helped develop the venture building standard for a stable and proven framework to kick-off any startup. 

He holds a degree from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, one of the leading business schools in Europe. In his thesis, he researched asset tokenization of real estate. Combined with his experience in leading tokenization projects, he is an expert in blockchain-based business opportunities and helps turn ideas into reality.

What clients say about us

"21Treasury has done highly competent and at the same time very clear groundwork for our classification of the very complex subject area of cryptocurrencies. It became clear: Your convincing contribution will be a foundation building block for our view of the future. I would like to thank you very much for this."

Christian Just

Chairman of the Management Board FP Finanzpartner AG

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Are you interested in learning more about bitcoin, blockchain/DLT, or other digital assets? Then please contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 


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